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Business Maturity:

An established business will have some or all of the following attributes:

  • in existence for a number of years
  • generates cash
  • good financial stability
  • all the problems associated with growth have been overcome
  • there is an established customer base.

But, by definition, a mature business is not growing any more. It is essential that the reason for this is discovered and remedial action is taken.

Here are some questions you should ask:

  • The business is stagnant/static.
    Should you re-appraise your Marketing Strategy?
  • Has the product or service come to the end of its useful life?
  • Is reinvention and/or diversification required. Diversification is potentially a very risky process, and the process should be fully researched.
  • Has management lost its enthusiasm?
  • Is new management required?
  • Do you need to revisit the Product Lifecycle?
  • Human resources (staffing). Do your staff have motivation and job-satisfaction problems? Do you have the management skills to deal with this situation?
  • Should you consider selling the business? If so, are you aware of the Taxation issue involved? Do you need an accurate valuation of your business from an experienced professional?
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